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Smart Stockpile Management System

For a clear overview and efficient process control use our Stockpile Management System to visualize and manage your equipment and stockyard.

How to keep track of all your work orders, machine parameters and stockyard materials? Simply select our solution. The outcome will be enhanced efficiency through executing the right steps and adjusting the necessary settings in good time.

bulk Materials Handling technology and systems

Fully automated operation – manless machine control

Full process transparency through visualization and documentation of each step

Up to 100% saturation of pile through detection and filling of pile gaps

More profitable investment – faster ROI

How you benefit

Our Stockpile Management System provides you with real-time data on the material handled, enables live data adjustment, and optimally supports operators in improving overall performance. This brings you concrete benefits:

  • Gap between theoretical and real capacity reduced – with no huge investment
  • Inventory data on material stocks
  • Improved operational execution
  • Simplification of inventory accumulation
  • Provision of data for reporting purposes

Your HMI interface

Our Stockpile Management System acts as a human-machine interface that enables your stockpiles to be managed smartly and efficiently via a website or SCADA system.

  • Base model uses real-time machine metrics that can be further enhanced through integration of sensor data collected from the machine optimization process
  • Utilized capacity shown for stockpiles across the stockyard, enabling the stockyard, stockpiles and individual machines to be seen in a real-time 3D visualization
  • Reclaiming visualization supported, e.g. single bench reclaim, entire stockpile bench reclaim, pilgrim drop, and pilgrim step reclaim
  • Stacking visualization supported, e.g. cone, cone slew, and windrow stacking
  • Available capacity for stockpiles displayed
  • Tracking and tracing of stockpile material position and quality
  • Operator access to reporting tool suite enabling comprehensive understanding of actual and projected stockpile performance

Predictive and adaptive rate control

For the input variables pressure, current or power of the bucket wheel this function enables the flow on the nearest conveyor belt to be measured and the operator-defined set point. It also calculates the ideal PID control set point.

Operation modes

Fully automatic operation with receipt of operation schedule and execution of all movement procedures, e.g. position on the stockpile, reclaiming operation, and bench maneuver