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Accessories of car dumper

Depending on the application of the car dumper (aka wagon tippler), we deliver standard and optional accessories to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Car dumper – standard accessories

Wagon tippler– standard accessories

The following standard accessories are usually supplied with a car dumper:

  • Wagon positioner: Shunts the wagons in and out of the car dumper

  • Wheel grippers: Hold the full and empty rakes of wagons on the inlet and outlet sides of the car dumper while they are not engaged with the wagon positioner

  • Apron feeders or other feeders suitable for the application: Remove the bulk material from underneath the hopper Car dumper – optional accessories

Car dumper – optional accessories

Wagon tippler-optional accessories

Depending on the application, the following optional accessories can be supplied with the car dumper:

  • Dust suppression: Achieved by spraying water on the dumping side to suppress the dust generated during unloading

  • Traveling hammer mill: Removes any material stuck above the hopper grid

  • Transport platform: Transfers empty wagons onto a return rail running parallel to the car dumper

Auxiliaries – all-in system solutions from thyssenkrupp

Used to pull the train forward during the unloading cycles, to position the wagons to be emptied on the car dumpers platform, and to push the wagons that have already been emptied out of the dumper. thyssenkrupp builds side-arm pullers with a tractive force between 100kN and 1,350kN, driven either by pinions and racks or pulled by ropes and winches. The required tractive forces are calculated using simulation software.

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