Drone Inspection

Your plant from a new perspective

Due to their range and flexibility, our industrial drones allow inspections of a whole new kind. This makes it easy to inspect large areas in a very short time and to reach high and obstructed places.

Drone Inspections thyssenkrupp - Time saving

Optical inspection of structural damages, erosion and more.

Drone Inspection Industrial Plant

Industry expert analysis of the flight results.

Time savings - from weeks to days

Cost effective & safe. Time savings - from weeks to days.

Drone inspections for mining, cement, chemical and mineral industry

Drone Inspection, Analytics

All of our drone operators are mechanical engineers with a strong mechanical background and experience in inspections and analytics. We have experts in all industries such as mining, minerals and cement and therefore can provide inspection service.

In addition to that our customers can benefit from more than one hundred years of experience that we already gained in these industries. We can give direct recommendations and feedback to our customers on how to improve their plants with huge time savings.

Ansgar Päschke - Product Manager Drone Inspections

Our drones can be equipped with different kinds of sensors to deliver full packages of inspection services as for example for gas, thermal, investigations or just visual inspections of any kind of machineries in all industries all over the world.

Ansgar Päschke, Product Manager Drone Services

Drone inspection and drone services for all industries

We have the advantage that besides operating drones we have domain expertise in different industries that we have gained over the years. And years and decades of experience virtually are combined together with our drone operators.

Our drone operators are very experienced mechanical engineers who can do directly the visual inspection by operating the drone.

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