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Innovations for the future

Green chemicals & Carbon2Chem®: Sector coupling and decarbonizationon a grand scale

The worldʼs industrial landscape must, and will, change – and will literally require large-scale levers and complementary technologies to reduce CO2 emissions. Thanks to renewable energy and green hydrogen, entire value chains can be rethought. And it is technologies that are part of Uhdeʼs core business that can play a key role.

Take ammonia, for example: It takes nothing more than green energy, air and water – and of course the right know-how – to produce green ammonia. This is, among other things, an ideal energy carrier, either in itself or through the recovery of the hydrogen, enabling solar energy from sunny regions to be used in other parts of the world; it can also be used directly as a chemical or for fertilizer. Transporting ammonia, for example by ship, from sunny regions is easier than transporting pure hydrogen, and the ships themselves could run on ammonia with zero emissions.

The fact is: All value chains become more sustainable or can be made completely CO2-neutral.