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Plastics Go Green

Bioplastics and true recycling

In the modern world, a life without plastics is, in many instances, inconceivable. Hence the importance of developing solutions that are compatible with environmental requirements. Uhde's know-how in this field is based on Uhde Inventa-Fischer technologies, engineering experience gained from the construction of more than 450 polymer plants worldwide since 1924, and intensive research and development work in close cooperation with big-name partners from the scientific community and industry. The results are to be applauded:

PLAneo®: biodegradable plastic  ‑ made from renewable raw materials

The feedstock for the PLAneo® process is lactic acid. PLA can be used to substitute a wide range of materials such as PET, PP and PS, helping to conserve fossil resources such as petroleum and reduce CO2 emissions. It is also completely biodegradable and has very good recycling properties.

FTR®: True recycling – PET as good as new

The FTR® process for PET recycling, which was developed by Uhde Inventa-Fischer, is integrated into the virgin PET production process and, with a BPA-free end product, it is proving a winner. FTR® plants operate with up to 50% recycled material - without significantly compromising the final product quality. Uhde therefore enables true recycling that is not downcycling because the PET produced in this way even meets the strict standards of the food industry.