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Tatjana Ignatova

In 2021, Tatiana Ignatova received the highest award of the chemical industry in Russia - the title "Honorary Chemist". Congratulations to this outstanding achievement!

How long have you been working at thyssenkrupp? What positions have you held?

I have been with the company since 1975 – over 45 years. I came to Gipropolymer immediately after graduating from the Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering and worked successively in all positions from a simple engineer to head of the project department and head of project management department. Now I am holding a position of Project Director.

How did it happen that you worked here for such a long period of time?

I like engineering. I have a technical mind, I have always liked to learn how this or that production works, so I chose engineering quite quickly as my education and, accordingly, my career.

After the collapse of the USSR, there were difficult times in the life of Gipropolymer. Many colleagues left the company. But fortunately, the institute continued its project activities - and, frankly, the thought of leaving had not even crossed my mind.

What was the most difficult and interesting project you worked on?

There were quite a few projects, and they were all interesting and challenging to some extent. Among the relatively recent ones I would name the textile grade polyethylene terephthalate (PET) complex for the Ivanovo polyester complex. This production was included into the Strategy of development of the chemical complex of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030. This project includes the most advanced engineering and technical solutions and can be implemented in different regions of the Russian Federation. Conclusion of the contract and the implementation of this project attracted a lot of attention from government agencies and the public sunce such projects have never been implemented in Russia before.

Unfortunately, after the end of the engineering stage, the implementation of the project slowed down - but I am sure that this is a temporary problem.

Do you remember well when Uhde came to Russia? How do you feel about it? How much has the life of the company changed after that?

Uhde came to Gipropolymer at a difficult time. The catastrophic situation on engineering services market left a huge company without work. The acquisition process helped preserve the design institute and its traditions.

Uhde JSC was the first or at least one of the first companies which started to implement on Russian market the procedures of work with customers, approach and values accepted in European companies, including Uhde.

What values of Uhde / thyssenkrupp do you like most of all?

The main values in Uhde have always been professionalism, customer orientation and a clear organization of work. These values enabled the company to occupy the leading position on the market.

Based on your years of experience, what advice could you give to your employees?

It is not enough to be a good specialist in your discipline, you should always know the basics of related disciplines. This ensures the synchronicity of the work for the entire team and the success of the project

Ignatova (right) with colleagues

The company is turning 100 years old. What would you like to wish Uhde?

There are still companies and people in Russia - and I think in other countries too - who remember this name - Uhde. I think it is extremely important not to forget this name and to actively promote it. There is a lot of experience and a great history behind it.