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tkIS Russia - PVC Plant Kalush

Karpatneftekhim plant is the only operating (as of 2020) polymer producer in Ukraine.

During the Soviet era, this enterprise was called "Chlorvinyl". The petrochemical complex in Kalush was unique among the eight pyrolysis complexes built in the USSR. Both in terms of the raw material used (the diesel fraction) and its origin: it was delivered via a pipeline from Hungary. Half of this fraction was used in the production of vinyl chloride, which partly returned to Hungary, but most of it was exported to Romania.

Suspension PVC Plant Chlorvinyl/Karpatneftekhim LLC

  • 1975, 1995, 2007


  • Kalush, Ukraine


  • 300,000 t/y


1975, 1995, 2007


Kalush, Ukraine


300,000 t/y


The vinyl chloride plant with a capacity of 250,000 t/y and polyvinyl chloride unit with 60,000 t/y capacity in Kalush was built and put into operation in 1975 using the technology of Vinnolit with the participation of Uhde GmbH and specialists from the Institute "GIPROPOLYMER", the predecessor of tk IS RUS. The project was performed a turnkey basis.

In 1990-1995 Uhde with Gipropolymer support carried out the reconstruction of the VC plant, the transition to the oxygen process of ethylene oxychlorination (increasing the capacity up to 370,000 t / year for VC) using the Vinnolit technology.

In 2000, the corporations Lukoil and Oriana (plant owner) created a joint venture, Karpatneftekhim LLC.

The capacity for processing VC into PVC was not enough, and therefore Karpatneftekhim had to build a new unit. The company reached Uhde and the parties signed the contract on the suspension PVC plant with a capacity of 300,000 t/y. The old PVC production was closed and dismantled.

(Kiev, August 21, 2006). K. Schneiders (Uhde GmbH) and A. Smirnov (Lukoil-Neftekhim)

Signing of a contract for the construction of PVC-S production

Uhde engineers developed the basic engineering again based on Vinnolit process. Then, OOO Uhde (former name of tk IS Russia) has completed the detail engineering. This large joint project included over 2,500 pipelines and over 500 equipment items.

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of OOO Uhde (more than 80 people took part in this work) and Uhde (tk IS AG), the detail engineering phase was completed on schedule, and the whole engineering phase was completed flawlessly.

3D CAD Render of the Project

The engineers from the Russian and German offices worked together on the construction site. The construction and installation works and commissioning of PVC suspension production were finalized in 2010 and start-up - in May 2011. The customer highly appreciated the work of Uhde GmbH as well as of OOO Uhde.

Unfortunately, in September 2012, LUKOIL shut down the plant due to unprofitability and then sold it - however, new owners have re-launched the plant in 2017 and it is still operating successfully.

Today Karpatneftekhim is one of the largest enterprises of the petrochemical complex of Ukraine. The enterprise is capable of producing annually 300 000 tons of polyvinyl chloride, 200 000 tons of caustic soda, about 180 000 tons of chlorine, as well as 250 000 tons of ethylene and 100 000 tons of polyethylene.