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Evaluate & Predict

Evaluate & Predict

Digitalized Expertise
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Our Evaluate & Predict portfolio

Our Evaluate & Predict portfolio includes solutions for the monitoring and maintenance of plants and machines. The focus is on increasing the efficiency and profitability of plants and machines – among other things by increasing throughput and reducing downtimes.

Most plants and machines generate large amounts of data. We combine our digital and technical competencies and use this information to create measurable added value for our customers.

Our data-driven service solutions optimize operating processes or act as the starting point for sustainable energy savings in plants and machines. They enable our customers to precisely control their production and improve product quality. Additionally, future malfunctions are predicted at an early stage so that downtimes are minimized and the productivity of plants and machines is increased. Our maintenance assistance system and performance and quality monitoring make it easier to plan and forecast plant operation.

Innovative services such as drone inspections offer our customers fast visual inspections of plants and machines. By analyzing the collected data we enable plants to be inspected and optimized more precisely, efficiently and safely than ever before. For even more precise insights, documentation or modernization projects, we use our 3D Plant Scan process to create models and design plans of the plants that are accurate to within a centimeter. Additionally, we offer our customers remote inspection, remote condition monitoring, maintenance assistance, performance optimization, predictive analytics, advanced condition monitoring, digital telematics, and polscan® rotary kiln measuring.

We attach great importance to long-term customer relationships based on trust, reliability and our technical competence. In doing so, we focus on a sustainable and value-adding partnership through the entire service life of our customers’ systems and machines.

Evaluate & Predict

polscan® Rotary Kiln Measuring

polscan® is a highly accurate optoelectronic measuring method to measurerotary kilns quickly and precisely during operation.

Digital Twin for Belt Conveyors

For Achieving improved conveyor component life, conveyor operating efficiency, throughputincreases and Confirm the design of your belt conveyor system.

Drone Inspection

Inspections with industrial drones in a very short time and evaluation by our industry experts.

3D Plant Scan

Precise to the millimeter and for plant design, wear measurement or other kinds of inspections.

polab® Services

Continuous system maintenance and servicing for availability of quality assurance of your polab® Laboratory Automation.

Remote Support Services

Remote Support Services thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies
Remote inspections, assistance and trouble shooting on-site in real time wherever you are in the world.

Maintenance Assistance System

Simplify and speed up your maintenance through usage based digital maintenance management - For all your machines - from pit to port / plant