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About us

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (México) is one of the world's leading companies in the field of heavy plant engineering. We support our customers in the realization of their projects with innovative proprietary technology and comprehensive know-how.

With a workforce of approx. 500 employees and an engineering capacity of more than 800,000 hours/year, we are an E, EP, EPCM and EPC contractor with more than 40 years local presence in the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, manufacturing, cement and mining industries. While giving our clients a strong after sales support.

The business area Industrial Solutions comprises the business units Process Technologies, Resource Technologies.

  • Mining
  • Cement
  • Services & Spare Parts
  • Mineral Processing
  • Bulk Materials Handling
  • Nitrogen Fertilizers
  • Electrolysis
  • Contracting
  • Coke Technology
  • Oil & Gas Plymers
  • 500


  • 800,000

    hours/year (engineering capacity) E, EP, EPCM and EPC contractor

  • 40

    years local presence

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions

At thyssenkrupp, around 157,000 employees work in just under 80 countries to produce product solutions for sustainable progress. The company's activities are grouped into six business areas: Components Technology, Elevator Technology, Industrial Solutions, Materials Services, Steel Europe and Steel Americas. The business areas are further divided into business units and operating units, which operate independently on the market.


We are committed to sustainability principles and to supporting improvements on issues of sustainability in our core businesses of the process and energy industries. Our commitment to sustainability is driven from top-down. Development of our capability in delivering sustainable technologies, projects and process improvements is one of the fundamental elements of our strategic vision for our company. The realisation of this improved capability extends over short-, medium- and long-term business plans:

  • Short-term - Services driven. Translate the fundamental process and system integration skills that underpin our conventional business to offer distinctive and differentiated services to industry to improve energy and environmental performance. Implementation via current project delivery business and developing consulting business.
  • Medium-term - Technology driven. Aggressively promote the technologies already held in-house or under development to offer options with improved environmental, economic and social outcomes. Examples include our own gasification technology that is utilised in the largest commercially demonstrated IGCC power plant. IGCC is a leading contender to yield ’clean coal‘ power production.
  • Long-term - Stepping out. Based on our internal, broad-based technology assessments, identify key future sustainability opportunities, road maps to get there and commit to the necessary capability and technologies to deliver those opportunities.

Sustainability underscores everything we do. It defines our desire to minimise the material and social impact of the assets that we design, build and support. It extends to safe and clean work practices, and is reflected in the services and advice we provide to our customers.

We were implementing this philosophy long before 'sustainability' and 'corporate social responsibility' became business buzz words. Responsible action has a long and productive tradition at thyssenkrupp, thyssenkrupp Uhde and thyssenkrupp Uhde Asia Pacific.

There are two key ways in which we address sustainability:

  • Our behaviour. We aim to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment and the community.
  • Our projects. We design, build and manage sustainable assets for our clients.

Our services range from capital and operational solutions through to auditing and reporting. Our affiliations allow us to provide a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Process plant optimisation
  • Operating practices optimisation
  • Process energy assessment/efficiency improvements
  • Emissions estimates for existing & new facilities
  • Heat integration studies
  • Lifecycle assessment
  • Sustainability metrics for phases of project & triple bottom line analysis
  • Water utilisation studies
  • Economic analysis
  • Land use – pipelines, new facilities, logistics
  • Land degradation / contamination / remediation
  • Greenhouse gas reporting
  • Noise/odour/visual amenity
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Benchmarking

Our currently available proprietary technologies that can be offered with sustainability benefits include:

  • Advanced gasification technologies for coal, petroleum coke and oil, including PRENFLO™ and HTW
  • Acid gas removal from natural gas and synthesis gas using Morphysorb® Technology
  • EnviNOx® for removal of NOx and N2O from nitric acid plants
  • Substantial improvements in energy efficiency of ammonia plants

HSE & Quality

Safety is the most important of our core values. We are all responsible for safety and our target is a zero incident environment. We believe that everyone should be able to work in a safe, secure and healthy environment.

Our policy is written around achieving this safe environment and developing a culture that makes safety a priority in every aspect of our work environment, in our designs, how we procure, and how we construct our projects.

We seek to measure our performance and continually improve on the safety of our work environment for our people, our clients, our contractors and vendors, and the community in which we operate.

Our safety policy and procedures are communicated as part of the new employee induction programs. Safety awareness initiatives at our offices and construction sites are implemented by line management and supported by safety officers.

Quality is another of our core values. Excellence through quality represents a cornerstone in delivering cost effective project outcomes in all phases of a project’s life from concept to operation.

Our quality management system, referred to as our ‘business system’, has been continuously certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 since 1991. It covers all elements of our operations including; health, safety, environment, quality, project management, engineering and design, procurement, construction management and commissioning, business development, finance and administration, and information technology.

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