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How we make your plant future-proof

Our fluid bed granulation technology has been bringing customers benefits for decades. Our Revamps, worldwide Service, and Research and Development activities ensure this technology stays future-proof.

"Our understanding of service is that we assume joint responsibility for your production."

Global service from a single source

Hand in hand with our customers and based on our worldwide network infrastructure we can offer a 360° service that includes after-sales service, troubleshooting, and delivery of spare parts. Our service team is ready to assist you at any time and any location.

Tailored revamps

Small revamps (10–15%) at fluid bed granulation plants are easy to implement if spare fluidization air is available. In such cases, the urea spray system can cope with the extra capacity with no modifications. Larger revamps are no problem, either. The granu- lator can be upgraded by increasing the number of urea sprayers installed and the residual cooling section enlarged by adding an additional cooling section. All other equipment can be adapted to the new capacity requirement on a case-by-case basis. Notable revamps include:

References of note

Customer Location Increase
KAFCO Bangladesh 1,725-2,100 mt/d (22%)
EFC Egypt 2,000-2,250 mt/d (13%)
ABF Malaysia 1,500-2,450 mt/d (63%)*
Yara Belle Plaine Canada 2,000-2,850 mt/d (43%)
PCS Nitrogen Trinidad 1,620-1,800 mt/d (11%)

* in two steps

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