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Vendor Management and Services are largely the responsibility of our Procurement & Estimation and Inspection & Expediting Departments which form an integral part of the Company's Project Implementation Division, along with the Project Management, Planning and Construction Departments.

Considered the hub between Engineering, Projects and Finance / Commercial, the Procurement and Inspection Departments initiate the steps towards the actual execution of the Project through their material management processes, harnessing in the process, the skills of experienced techno-commercial teams dedicated to project-related and general procurement activity.


Procurement Policies & Practices

At thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (India), we recognise that our engineering commitments will be fulfilled only with the active participation and cooperation of our Vendors. This makes our Vendor an extension of our organisation, and a partner in our Implementation Plan.

Our dealings with him reflect the respect, cooperation, reciprocation and sense of fairness commensurate with this line of thinking. It is therefore our constant endeavour to strive for a transparent and efficient collaboration with world-class Vendors who meet our stringent qualifying criteria, and deliver, so that, in the final analysis, everyone in the corporate business chain ? Clients, Shareholders, Vendors themselves and ourselves - benefit, and are seen to benefit, from the association.

Our policy, simply stated, is to procure equipment / material / services of the right quality, with timely delivery schedules, at the most economical prices.

Products & Services

The Procurement Department's central function revolves around project-related estimation and procurement activity. The functions are discharged through the close study, estimation, and assimilation of information pertaining to material requirements for projects within the requisite quality, cost and time parameters. The Inspection/Expediting Department takes the responsibility of complete coordination, technical interaction, planning, and quality/schedule control with Vendors throughout fabrication and shipping phases.

The detailed functioning of the Procurement Department and the Inspection/Expediting Department is pictorially displayed in the following Activity Chart.


The project-related Products and Services are classified on Industry standards viz. Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Construction. Mechanical Products are further classified on the basis of the nature of the item.

Mechanical Static Equipment Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Columns, Tanks, Vessels, Finned Air Coolers, Reactors
Rotating Equipment Pumps, Compressors, Blowers, Agitators, Turbines, HVAC Systems
Piping Pipes, Fittings Forged & BW, Flanges
Valves Different types of valves
Miscellaneous Hardware Gasket, Fasteners, Steam Traps, Strainers, Hose & Hose Couplers, Special Fabricated Parts
Package Units & Process Special Parts Refrigeration systems, Boilers, Dosing Unit, Clarifiers, Cooling Towers, Dryers, Filters, Gas Generators, De-dusting Systems-(Bag Filters, Dry & Wet Scrubbers), Various Water Treatment Plants, Flare, Incinerators, WHRS, Nozzles, Ejectors
Material Handling Equipment Belt Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Crushers, Screens, Bagging Machines, Palletizers, Material Lifting & Conveying devices, Weighing Equipment, Reclaimer, Cyclone
Fire Fighting Supply of various Fire Fighting Equipment viz. Fire Extinguishers, Hose Reel, Hydrant valves, Clean Agent System, Water Sprinkler System, Foam Suppression System, Supply & Erection for Fire Fighting System
Site Fabrication Items Structural Steel, Plates
Logistics Project Logistics Service Providers, Clearing and Forwarding Agents, Domestic Transporters, Packers & Movers, Packing Services
Electrical Electrical Transformers, Circuit Breakers, H.T & L.T. Switch Boards, MCCs, Cables, D.G.Sets, Erection Accessories
Instrumentation Instrumentation Transmitters, Flow meters, Level Indicators, Gas Analyzers, Control Valves, Different types of Gauges, Control Panels, Erection Accessories
Construction Construction Services Equipment & Piping Erection Services, Electrical & Instrumentation Erection Services, Site Fabrication Contract, Painting Work, Insulation

Registration Procedure

Vendors who are interested in applying for registration must mention “Vendor Registration – Sub-Class” in the subject line (e.g. Vendor Registration – Rotating Equipment) and send an email containing the following minimum information.

  • Company Profile
  • Product / Service details
  • Details of Accreditations / Certifications
  • Contact details

This will enable us to effectively process your request for registration.

Products and Services as well as Sub-Class are elaborated in the above section

We shall review the request received and send the detailed registration forms to short-listed vendors. Short-listing will be done based on our business and project needs. Advice on further procedures of registration will be explained to the short-listed vendor over phone or by email.

Depending on the type and nature of product or service, the short-listed vendor may also be requested to make a presentation about their products / services at our offices prior to starting the formalities of registration.

Assessment Criteria

  • Safety Measures and Safety Record
  • Accreditations / Certifications obtained
  • Experience / Track Record Check
  • Shop Survey / Shop Audit
  • Financial Health Check
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