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Mining, 2017-01-20, 10:27 AM

thyssenkrupp partners with National Ports on new super shallow draft bulk carrier

  • Revolutionary bulk carrier will open up shallow ports worldwide
  • New system offers mining operators significant efficiency improvements including faster materials handling at lower cost and reduced environmental risk
Loading from land site via conveyor
The new super shallow draft bulk carrier can be loaded directly from the land side via shore conveyors, thus limiting capital expenditure for new port infrastructure (©thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions).

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, a leading partner for the engineering, construction andservice of industrial plants and systems, has entered into a partnership with National Ports, an Australian based developer and operator of large-scale floating port solutions, to make the operation of bulk carriers and materials handling equipment more efficient and environmentally friendly in shallow water ports around the world. The cooperation is aimedat further developing and rolling out a new technology, the super shallow draft bulk carrier. This self-propelled vessel will open shallow draft ports to far greater tonnages with no dredging and very limited capital expenditure.

Marco Lucido, Managing Director at National Ports: “Our new solution will open up accessto shallow loading and destination ports worldwide including those affected by large tides. The system will not only be able to significantly increase cargo through put for existing mining companies with limited draft, it can also help to make new mining companies economically viable.”

The majority of global import and export ports for bulk material are geographically remote and not sufficiently dredged to handle modern bulk carriers. Such bulk carriers with a deadweight of 180,000 tons usually require a draft of around 19 meters including clearance under the keel. Most ports have a draft of only 14 meters or even less. At thesame time, dredging is very expensive and costs increase exponentially when dredging of hard materials is required, not forgetting its negative impacts on the marine environment.

With the new super shallow draft bulk carrier, thyssenkrupp and National Ports offer mining companies and port operators around the world a fast and efficient bulk material handling solution for shallow water ports. With up to 185,000 tons deadweight capacity on a 14meter draft, the new system will be able to transit ports with limited water depth. It will be capable of self-unloading its cargo at a rate of up to 10,000 tons per hour into bulk carriers of any size (including the Valemax with a 400,000 deadweight ton capacity) or directly at the destination port in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. The new bulk carrier canbe loaded from any ocean going vessel or directly from the land side via shore conveyors, thus limiting capital expenditure for new port infrastructure. Mine and port operators can charter the system on a per ton basis.

Dr. Franz-Maria Wolpers, Senior Executive in the Mining Technologies business unit of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions: “We are delighted to be helping our clients solve one of the most complex challenges they face when operating in shallow, restricted and remote ports. In addition to opening up access to those ports the new system dramatically increases selfunloading rates into any type of bulk carrier or to the port of destination through a thyssenkrupp materials handling system. In cooperation with National Ports, we are thus offering mining companies and port operators worldwide significant efficiency improvements including faster materials handling at lower cost and reduced environmental risk.”

The super shallow draft bulk carrier is technically based on a conventional bulk carrier, supplemented by so-called sponsons (attached to both sides of the bulk carrier). These provide the ship with additional flotation enabling it to operate in fully loaded condition in very shallow waters.

About thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions:

The Industrial Solutions business area of thyssenkrupp is a leading partner for the engineering,construction and service of industrial plants and systems. Based on more than 200 years ofexperience we supply tailored, turnkey plants and components for customers in the chemical,fertilizer, cement, mining and steel industries. As a system partner to the automotive, aerospace andnaval sectors we develop highly specialized solutions to meet the individual requirements of ourcustomers. Around 19,000 employees at over 70 locations form a global network with a technologyportfolio that guarantees maximum productivity and cost-efficiency.

The Mining Technologies business unit supplies a full range of machinery, systems, equipment andservices for the extraction, processing, storage and transportation of raw materials. In collaborationwith our customers in the mining and minerals sectors throughout the world we develop custom,forward-looking solutions that enhance productivity and allow natural resources to be usedresponsibly and efficiently.

Twitter: @thyssenkrupp_en

Company blog:

About National Ports Corporation Ltd.:

National Ports Corporation Limited is an unlisted public company incorporated on August 26, 2010.National Ports is a developer of integrated cost effective infrastructure solutions for shore-basedports, floating supply bases and shallow draft ports. The company has been approached by portoperators, energy and mining companies to provide integrated infrastructure solutions fordevelopments characterized by remote and difficult logistical requirements.

National Ports has spent over six years developing its solutions and has successfully worked throughan evaluation process with the Federal Government of Australia. National Ports was awarded FederalMajor Project Facilitation status by the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport. The company isdirected by a board with relevant ports, shipping, project management and engineering experience.

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