For grinding binding agents our QUADROPOL mill concept QMC² is one application.

Highest process-technological flexibility, energy efficiency and maximum throughput are the advantages of the mill. The QMC² based on a modular concept of 3,4 or 6 rollers. Two alternative drive systems are available, the classic table drive and the innovative option with roller drive.

QMC² advantages at a glance

  • Increased running smoothness – lower vibration lebvel
  • Optimised dynamic loads
  • Outstanding accessability for maintenance work
  • Small motors and gear units using innovative roller driven concept
  • Maximum availability thanks to redundant drives
  • Highest product flexibility for optimal reaction to market requirements

The largest QUADROPOL is installed in Mexico. The system has a rating of 4 x 1,800 kilowatt roller drive system and a capacity up to 300 tonnes per hour.