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POLGUIDE kiln drive system

Rotary kilns can be equipped with our POLGUIDE drive system independently of the number of supporting roller stands. This drive type is a modern girth gear and pinion drive in which the girth gear and the pinion always have the same clearance, both in radial and in longitudinal direction. This assures optimum meshing of the teeth, no matter what operating state occurs.

The self-aligning pinion runs on a pinion shaft that is movable in longitudinal direction. In addition, the base plate of the girth gear and pinion is designed such that it always presses the pinion against the girth gear. Two guide rings mounted on the girth gear and two on the pinion ensure that the radial and axial clearances are maintained at all times.


With the POLGUIDE drive concept, it is possible to execute two-support kilns with a larger length to diameter ratio than is possible with the classical girth gear/pinion concept. Moreover, this drive system also has a very positive effect on the service life of kilns with 3 or more supporting roller stations.