Clinker cooler POLYTRACK

The POLYTRACK cooler is a combination of a static, horizontal aeration floor and an above-floor material transport system.

Its convincing advantages are the very high material transporting efficiency and strict separation of the functions of transportation and aeration, due to:

  • optimum transverse distribution of the material resulting in uniform and efficient cooling of all particle size fractions over the entire width of the cooler,
  • extremely low overall height,
  • very high thermal efficiency,
  • robust, low-wear and easy-to-maintain design providing outstanding availability and
  • consistent modular construction.
  • Moreover, the POLYTRACK tolerates fluctuations in the kiln process; its flexible and high-performance material transportation system copes with even the most difficult operating conditions.

These features make the POLYTRACK an ideal solution for both new plants and conversion projects.


This highly complex list of requirements is exactly fulfilled by the advantages reliably provided by the POLYTRACK cooler. Its numerous innovative process and design details make POLYTRACK a future-oriented mechanical and process technological solution.