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White cement cooler

White cement cooler

Especially for the white cement production process, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions developed the twin cooler, consisting of rotary cooler, roll crusher and vibrating grate.

The rotary cooler is driven via a peripheral chain and runs on two welded-on tyres. Its inlet and outlet seals are specially adapted from the proven rotary kiln seals and completely prevent the infiltration of false air.

The clinker discharged from the rotary kiln enters the rotary cooler and is rapidly quenched with water from 1,400°C to 600°C.

The clinker subsequently passes through the roll crusher, which produces grain sizes < 50 mm. Finish cooling from 600°C to the ultimate temperature of approx. 100°C is performed on the vibrating grate with air. Air cooling was deliberately chosen for this final cooling phase in order to recuperate the clinker heat for utilisation as secondary air in the kiln system.

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