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polytrack® - the clinker cooler for cement industry and cement plants

The polytrack® is the reliable clinker cooler of thyssenkrupp. The focal point of our quest for continuous innovation and optimization of the polytrack® reflects our commitment to meet the demands of the cement industry. With the polytrack®, thyssenkrupp offers a robust machine that keeps delivering high performance under challenging process conditions not only today, but for years to come.

The new generation of polytrack® stands for reliability and experience

The German-engineered solution is based on experience and a close communication with our customers. The design of the polytrack® was born out of more than 100 years of experience building equipment for the cement industry and complete cement plants all over the world. The concept first brought to the market 18 years ago and proven within over 130 installations has been updated to keep up with the ever more stringent demands on equipment performance and reliability, and to represent the state of the art in clinker cooling.

With the new generation of the polytrack® we keep delivering our proven technology together with new design features to increase customer benefits

Valentina Bordei, product manager polytrack®

polytrack® - advantages at a glance:

  • High availability and robustness for continuous operation under the most demanding process conditions
  • Modular and flexible design for fast and uncomplicated conversion projects
  • High thermal efficiency and low power consumption for low operating costs
  • Low wear, maintenance friendly design for low, easy maintenance
  • Attractive investment cost
  • No clinker spillage and no requirement for undergrate spillage system

Operation principle of the clinker cooler

Stationary, low-wear aeration grate

The air is distributed to the material bed via static aeration units located between the transport tracks. Since the aeration plates do not move and the conveying elements are sealed with a continuous sealing from the adjacent aeration floor, there is virtually no clinker spillage and no need for an undergrate spillage conveying system. The plates are permanently covered with a stationary layer of cold clinker, which provides autogenous wear protection, leading to a long operating lifetime of the aeration floor, guaranteed at at least five years. The first ever installed polytrack® only replaced the aeration elements after 10 years+, not due to wear but to upgrade to the newest energy saving design.

Roll crusher

Roll crushers are the low wear, low power consumption, high performance crushing solution for coolers of every size. The efficient polytrack® roll crusher can be installed at the cooler discharge as end crusher, or as cooled intermediate crusher, in order to:

  • increase the temperature of the midair tapping for higher efficiency of WHR applications, and
  • minimize the clinker end temperature to meet the demands of the downstream VRM milling equipment

The crusher typically has three or four rolls, depending on the cooler size. The direction of rotation of the rolls can be reversed, in order to deal with large lumps of material or fragments of kiln coating and protect the crushing rings from damage.

Clinker cooler services by thyssenkrupp

thyssenkrupp offers a 360° service. Our teams of experts are at our customers’ side from the early stages of the project, through the erection and commissioning phases and beyond. The cooler is a vital component of the clinker production line and its performance is interdependent with that of the kiln. Our experts have extensive experience in all aspects of the clinker production process and help to maximize the output and availability of the existing clinker cooler equipment. We also offer training to enable the operators in the safe and efficient use of the cooler.

The polytrack® - new innovative design features to meet growing performance demands

The polytrack® has been optimized to answer the market demand for maximized availability, reduced maintenance and fast conversions with minimum production downtime:

  • New aeration elements with reduced pressure drop for uniform aeration with lower power consumption (1kWh/t clinker less!). Due to the reduced air outlet velocities the wear of the elements is minimized. For new plants, the lower pressure drop also means that smaller aeration fans can be used, reducing the initial invest cost
  • New, simplified, spillage free continuous sealing
  • New maintenance-friendlier design of the bearings and subgrate structure to shorten installation times, facilitate inspection and maintenance. The bearings are held together only by two bolts that can be easily removed.
  • The simplified substructure allows for an increased local manufacturing scope for lower overall costs

The central feature of the polytrack® cooler is the static, horizontal aeration floor and the separate clinker conveying system by means of tracks installed above it. This key design element leads to several advantages.

It is at the core of the polytrack®’s superior cooling performance, high thermal efficiency and availability, unbeatable robustness and equipment durability.

The benefits of the new generation clinker cooler - the polytrack®

polytrack clinker cooler

Plant owners demand clinker coolers that are:

  • high-performance
  • compact
  • low-wear
  • flexible in use
  • favourably-priced
  • reliable in operation and
  • easy to maintain.

This highly complex list of requirements is exactly fulfilled by the advantages of the polytrack®– the new generation clinker cooler made by thyssenkrupp. Its numerous innovative process and design elements make polytrack® a future-oriented mechanical and process technological solution.

Moreover, the polytrack® tolerates fluctuations in the kiln process; its flexible and high-performance material transportation system copes with even the most difficult operating conditions.

Contact us about the new polytrack®

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