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polab® AMT

polab® AMT and polab® Linea - Fully automated, modular and customisable laboratory systems

The polab® AMT and polab® Linea laboratory automation systems are thyssenkrupp’s full-size solutions for medium to very large cement plants. Whereas the polab® Linea features a narrow design and sample transport via transport belts and handling units, the polab® AMT is more compact and sampling handling is managed via an ABB industrial robot. Both systems are fully modular and feature the same internal components, allowing for easy upgrades in the future. Their small footprint allows them to fit easily into existing buildings in the plant, thus reducing investment costs.

Both systems are fully enclosed in a modern housing of aluminium and glass, allowing access to the room while they are in operation. During service and maintenance, individual modules may be removed while the overall system remains in operation, thus limiting interruption in a plants quality control.

 Both the AMT and the Linea are controlled by the new polab® AQCnet software, which can be adapted to the customer's requirements. Service and spare parts are available on a long-term basis.

polab® AMT

The polab® AMT is thyssenkrupp's robotic laboratory automation system. It integrates the existing polab® standard modules for capsule reception and sample preparation into a successful modular design. Due to the reach of the robot, components are arranged in a circular fashion. The polab® AMT is available in both standard and large size, with the larger option housing up to four pneumatic tube receivers, four polab® APM mill/press units, a double storage system, and a range of other components such as 2 granulometers. In its maximum configuration, the AMT is capable to handle even the largest cement plants with a sample throughput of up to 32 samples per hour. The polab® AMT is controlled via an included tablet computer mounted on the housing, or from any mobile device or computer connected to the system. Internally, a central dedusting system keeps the laboratory clean and reduces the need for cleaning and daily maintenance.

polab® Linea

The polab® Linea is thyssenkrupp’s belt-based laboratory system, optimised for laboratories with space constraints and low to medium sample throughput requirements. In its maximum configuration, the polab® Linea houses one pneumatic tube receiver and two polab® APM mill/press units and is capable of handling up to 16 samples per hour. Sample storage for daily composite samples and a particle sizer may be included if desired. The polab® Linea is controlled via an included tablet computer mounted on the housing, or from any mobile device or computer connected to the system. Each module is linked to a central dedusting system to minimise daily and weekly maintenance.

When leaving the AMT or Linea, the pressed tablets for XRF, XRD, or colour analysis travel on a belt system to the respective analysers, where they are analysed and then returned to the automation system. Sample tracking, their movement through the laboratory, and the data management are handled by the polab® AQCnet software system, which also operates the AMT or Linea.

Powered by our state-of-the-art software system, the polab® AMT and polab® Linea can interact with a range of analysers, depending on the requirements of the industry and the customer.

Dr. Florian Huthmann, Head of Process & Quotations Laboratory Automation polab®

The housing of the polab® AMT and polab® Linea systems, and the modular design of the machines inside the housing allow for easy accessibility. Most individual units are mounted on a self-aligning rail system to allow complete removal and reinstallation in minutes. This concept facilitates maintenance work without stopping the whole laboratory automation system. The housing provides maximum work place safety for employees, and the laboratory around the automation system can be used as a working space.

polab® AQCnet - Interface to analysers
polab® AQCnet communicates with instrumentation supplied by all known analyser manufacturers. Typical installations include XRF and XRD analysers, as well as laser particle sizers. Depending on local requirements, common additional analysers may include colour measurement, moisture measurement and C/S analysers. The open interface concept can be used to interface with other components based on the customer’s needs.

polab® laboratory automation systems are continuously adapted to the needs of customers with regard to sample preparation and analytical methods, providing state-of-the-art developments to meet all requirements. The polab® APM housed in the larger system supplies optimum pressed tablets for XRD analysis, which are indispensable for checking clinker and cement quality in plants that use alternative fuels and raw materials.

Today, polabCal closes the link between production control and cement quality. Fast isothermal calorimetry provides reactivity data of clinker and cement within 60 minutes to maintain targeted product qualities.