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polab® AQCnet – the next generation of cement quality control

polab® AQCnet represents our take on the next generation of laboratory control software. Everything is linked, everything is supervised. Over many years AQCnet has evolved from a tool controlling laboratory automation systems into a sophisticated toolbox for plant operation using quality control data.

polab® AQCnet supervises and manages the automatic initialisation of routines and processes in the automated laboratory, serves as a data archive, and connects to systems and devices both inside and outside of the laboratory. Furthermore, AQCnet processes quality control data in raw mix calculations and returns updated set points to weight feeders and separators.

polab® AQCnet operation and administration takes place in a mobile device-optimised browser interface. It can be accessed from any PC, smartphone, or tablet with a connection to the local network, and advanced security and access routines guarantee the safety of your systems.

Communication with laboratory automation

A laboratory automation system might range from a single mill and press connected to a single analyser, to a complete quality control system for the largest plants. In these cases, polab® AQCnet controls one or more fully automatic laboratory systems such as the polab® Linea, more than two dozen sampling and dispatch stations and multiple XRF, XRD, PSD, and other devices. Connected laboratory or PGNAA analysers may be used to control our adaptive mixture control program. All data is backed up and shared with other processes in the plant, or seamlessly transferred to a separate laboratory information system.

Regardless of the level of automation, however, thyssenkrupp follows a strategy of offering a similar look and feel for all interfaces. Upgrades of all systems are possible and existing configurations transferred.