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Circular blending bed

Circular blending bed

The circular blending bed is used for storage and homogenisation of the main components such as limestone, limestone/marl/clay mixtures, clay or coal. In the circular blending bed, material can be stored and reclaimed simultaneously. Here, high stacking capacities of 2500 t/h and high reclaiming capacities of up to 1500 t/h can be achieved in the case of large circular blending beds.

A high blending and homogenisation effect can be achieved thanks to continuous stacking using the CHEVCON method. If only a low blending effect is required, the CONESHELL stacking method can be used.


... the compact, cost-saving solution

There is no stockpile change in the case of the circular blending bed, which means that there are no jumps in the chemical composition of the material reclaimed. In addition, it is possible to feed the mill directly from the circular blending bed, without a corresponding mill feed bin. This is particularly advantageous in the case of materials that are difficult to handle.

In relation to the area required, circular blending beds allow higher stock levels in comparison with longitudinal versions. Moreover, the circular version is a convincing choice thanks to lower costs for civil construction work, particularly in the case of the hall, shorter conveying distances and lower investment levels for machines and electrical equipment.