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Corrective and additive store

Corrective and additive store

The storage facilities for correctives such as iron ore, bauxite or sand, and for additives such as gypsum, limestone or pozzolana, are usually designed as longitudinal stockyards. Often, coals are also stored in these longitudinal stockyards.

Belt stackers or tripper carriages are used as stacking machines which store the different materials according to the CONESHELL stacking method. Tripper carriages run in the roof structure of the hall and are used in the case of materials that do not tend to generate a lot of dust when discharged. This means that the capital cost of this version is very low. Due to the often high number of different materials that have to be stacked, the belt stacker is the standard machine for stacking.

Laterally-reclaiming machines such as portal scraper reclaimers with one or two booms, side scraper reclaimers or semi-portal scraper reclaimers are used for reclaiming the materials. Due to the very low amount of enclosed space, the portal scraper reclaimer with two booms is the most favourable version in relation to the total capital costs.

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