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QUADROPOL roller mill

The fundamental market demands on a cement raw material grinding plant are high throughput rates and drive power combined with small construction size and high availability. And - thanks to the consistent implementation of well-founded research and development work - these are precisely the performance characteristics of the QUADROPOL roller mill.

The QUADROPOL has 4 grinding rollers, whose bearing assemblies are protected from dust and high temperatures, making the mill particularly suitable for online operation.

The convex geometry of the grinding roller has proven itself through outstanding wear resistance. The symmetrical design of the roller permits the roller tyres to be turned around, so that the wear parts are optimally utilised.

The compact QUADROPOL is designed for drive powers of up to and above 12 MW while assuring high plant availability. With its automatic changeover from 4 to 2-roller operation, the mill provides high adjustment flexibility within a range of approx. 30 - 100% for adaptation to changes in raw meal requirement.

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