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Biotechnology Labor

Our Facilities

Our multi-purpose biotech facility in Leuna is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. We accelerate the commercialization of your technology.

Multi-Purpose Biotech Facility for the Production of Building Block Chemicals

  • Capacity > 1,000 tons per year
  • Operating 24/7; > 30 operators
  • Various Bioreactors (150 l / 1,500 l / 7,500 l and two 85,000 l units)
  • Centrifuges (pusher~, disc stack~)
  • Filtration (micro~, ultra~, nano~, reverse osmosis)
  • SMB (Simulated Moving Bed) Chromatography
  • Ion Exchange / Activated Carbon Units
  • Evaporation Units
  • Crystallization
  • Dryers
  • Bag Loading Stations

Lab Facilities

  • Fully equipped microbiology lab
  • Multiple glass and stainless steel Fermenters from 0.6 to 250 l
  • Different kinds of Separation / Filtration (precoat~, micro~, ultra~, nano~)
  • Polishing Units (IEx, Activated Carbon)
  • Evaporation Units
  • Analytical lab designed for biotech process analytics (HPLC, IC , viscosimetry, densimetry, particle size distribution, UV/VIS; Kjeldahl; moisture; titration; color etc.)
  • Access to contract labs for additional methods (ICP-OES, CSB, TOC, GC etc.)
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