Process chains as "end-to-end" solutions for all applications

The heart of any gasification-based plant is the gasification process. However, nowadays customers and investors have an understandable wish for the technology providers to play a greater role and take on more responsibility, also beyond their own technology.

To meet this wish thyssenkrupp offers entire process chains as “end-to-end” solutions with a corresponding process wrap – from feedstock input to end product.

More than 100 gasifiers built

Since the early twentieth century tkIS has been making a key contribution to the chemical conversion of carbon-containing solid and liquid feedstocks into high-value synthetic products. This has been carried out both in cooperation with third-party technology providers, such as Texaco and Shell, and independently. In the course of time we have gained experience with eight different gasification technologies:

  • Texaco oil gasification TGP (today GE)
  • Texaco coal gasification TCGP (today GE)
  • Shell oil gasification SGP
  • Shell coal gasification SCGP
  • Koppers-Totzek solids gasification
  • Winkler solids gasification
  • High-Temperature Winkler solids gasification
  • PRENFLO® solids gasification with Heat Recovery (PSG) and with Direct Quench (PDQ)

In total we can look back at more than 100 plants built.