PRENFLO® and HTWTM: Two gasification processes for all feedstocks

Our gasification technologies are all based on the dry feeding principle, and are thus able to handle all types of coal as well as petroleum coke, char, biomass and waste. In addition to the main product (syngas), gasification produces by-products of economic value, such as bottom ash, fly ash and, after subsequent gas treatment, elemental sulfur or sulfuric acid.

Our gasification technologies are suitable for a wide range of solid feedstocks, such as:

  • Petroleum coke
  • Anthracite coal
  • Hard coals (with low and high ash content or high ash melting point)
  • Brown coal, lignite
  • Char and biomass (wood, forest residues, chicken litter, sewage sludge, agricultural residues, etc.)
  • Wastes (industrial and MSW)

Different feedstocks require different gasification technologies

The characteristics of the feedstock determine the most suitable gasification process

Different feedstocks require different gasification technologies

Technology selection tree

The final selection will be based on coal tests, technical and commercial simulations

Technology selection tree

Taking into account the fact that the technology is determined by the feedstock and not the other way round, tkIS offers two processes that can cover almost all solid feedstocks:

The PRENFLO® entrained-flow process, which operates above the ash melting point, is available in two versions.

The HTWTM fluidized-bed process, by contrast, operates below the ash melting point.