The HTWTM- fluidized-bed process

The HTWTM- fluidized-bed process

On the basis of preliminary tests in a bench-scale plant at Aachen Technical University, a pilot plant was set up by Rheinbraun in its coal processing factory Wachtberg at Frechen near Cologne in order to test the HTW™ process.

This project was subsidized by the Federal Ministry for Research and Technology (BMFT). thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions was responsible for the engineering, supervision of civil works and erection activities and for commissioning the plant. thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions and Rheinbraun engineers jointly performed the tests and evaluated the results. The pilot plant was commissioned in summer 1978. The test program covered the evaluation of the process design in particular:

  • Gasification under pressure
  • Gasification at elevated temperature
  • Improving the carbon conversion rate
  • Improving the gas quality"

In view of the good results obtained in the pilot plant, Rheinische Braunkohlewerke AG decided to install a demonstration plant for the gasification of lignite. The plant started up in 1986 to produce synthesis gas suitable for methanol production, which was transported by pipeline to the methanol synthesis plant of Union Rheinische Braunkohlen Kraftstoff AG to demonstrate the feasibility of methanol production from lignite. The Berrenrath plant demonstrated excellent performance, high availability, a robust operation and the ability to co-feed solid waste up to 50%.

The HTW-fluidized-bed process

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