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Waterjet cutting

Innovative applications in waterjet cutting

For nearly half a century we have been designing and manufacturing ultrahigh pressure pumps for pressures of up to 14,000 bar for industrial use. Our high pressure pumps - the core element of the waterjet cutting system - with stepless working pressures of up to 6,000 bar are implemented in all relevant industrial sectors, from the food industry over glass and stone to aerospace.

Especially if a job demands more than just the replacement of a component, Uhde High Pressure Technologies is the right partner. In case of a planned modernization or expansion of an existing plant Uhde High Pressure Technologies accompanies you from the analysis and first preliminary decisions through the entire process.

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„Waterjet cutting pumps - made by Uhde - stand for maximum precision and reliability.“

Holger Werth, Sales

Water simply cuts everything

Water simply cuts everything

We experience the power of water daily. Water has been creating new shapes by erosion for millions of years. Uhde HPT simply reduces this time by increasing the pressure of the water.

Regardless of the material composition and type, water cuts with maximum precision and flexibility. High pressure waterjet cutting ischaracterized by environmental and user friendliness. Due to its advantages it is superior to other cutting processes and thus has evolved into one of the most important processes at all.

  • Almost any kind of material can be cut (steel, stainless steel, composites, glass, ceramics, stone, rubber etc.)
  • No thermal effect on materials, low cutting and reaction forces, small cutting width (0,5-1,0mm)
  • 2D and 3D applications
  • Max. cutting thickness – up to 500 mm with 6,000 bar
  • New application fields – e.g. miniaturization, surgery

Engineering from one source

Engineering from one source

In our own cutting center and in close cooperation with our original equipment manufacturers, the following components are continuously refinde and optimised in a process-specific way:

  • High pressure pumps (4,000 - 6,000 bar)
  • HP cutting valves
  • Abrasive proportioning and feeding systems
  • High pressure fittings and tubes
  • Training courses as well as maintenance and servicing seminars
  • 24-hour customer service
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