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Synthesis gas treatment

Synthesis gas is a versatile feedstock for the production of a wide range of important chemical products.

Raw synthesis gas is generated mainly by:

  • Gasifying solid and liquid carbon carriers
  • Reforming natural gas
  • Using coke oven and steel mill gases

Cleaned synthesis gas in general consists of a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen of various ratios and degrees of purity.

It is used, inter alia, for the synthesis / production of:

  • Ammonia / Urea
  • Methanol
  • Synthetic fuels, such as diesel and gasoline
  • Synthetic natural gas
  • Oxo-synthesis gas
  • Hydrogen

Synthesis gas treatment is a key intermediate step between generation and subsequent processing. As the raw gas contains different impurities depending on the production process, synthesis gas treatment must be tailored to the purity requirements of the subsequent processes. Here, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions offers a broad technology portfolio that covers the complete process chain from raw gas treatment to the supply of cleaned synthesis gas. Depending on the case in hand, both proprietary and third-party technologies are used.


  • COS hydrolysis
  • H2S removal

Benzene and naphthaline removal

  • with tar wash oil
  • with biodiesel

CO2 removal

  • with chemical and
  • with physical scrubbing solvents

CO shift

  • Raw gas conversion
  • Clean gas conversion


  • Methanation
  • Synthetic natural gas

Sulfur recovery

  • Claus plants
  • Tail gas treatment
  • Sulfur conditioning

Sulfuric acid production

  • Conventional
  • Emissions-free sulfuric acid plant

Wastewater treatment

  • Wastewater stripping
  • Conventional

  • CO2 separation

  • SOx removal

  • NOx removal

Our processes employ high-performance state-of-the-art equipment and appurtenant components that ensure efficient, reliable operation of the plants and minimize their environmental impact.