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Waste heat recovery

Waste heat recovery

Features of the high pressure steam boilers:

  • tubesheet cooling to prevent nitriding;
  • channels in contact solely with the cooled synthesis gas leaving the boiler;
  • freely-movable U-tube design of the bundle;
  • internal bore welding, the heat exchanger tubes are joined to the tubesheet by means of full-penetration welds;
  • steam/boiler water separation in the upper part of the waste heat boiler.

The design of high pressure synthesis loop boilers is a long-standing tradition at thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, dating back to 1969 when equipment of this type was pioneered.

Advantages of high pressure steam boilers:

  • all components fabricated from hydrogen-resistant, easy-to-handle, low-alloy materials;
  • elimination of stress corrosion cracking and crevice corrosion;
  • low thermal stress;
  • integrated boiler feed water preheating;
  • tube-to-tubesheet welds all subjected to non-destructive tests.
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