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Ammonium Nitrtate Neutr Enaex reactor

Ammonium nitrate neutralization and evaporation

Uhde offers its competence and experience for customers ranging from process studies up to the execution of projects on an EPC basis.

State-of-the-art technologies for the production of ammonium nitrate (AN) solution and/or melt as a feedstock for all types of AN plants, including urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) solution mixing, low-density prilling (LDAN, CPAN) and granulation (AN, CAN) can be provided.

Uhde has designed AN neutralization plants operating up to a capacity of 2,000 mtpd in a single line. Today, Uhde is the leading licensor for AN neutralization processes.

The Uhde® AN vacuum neutralization is a proprietary process, designed for maximum reliability and safety. This process comprises an external circulation loop as well as a sophisticated ammonia and nitric acid mixing system for stable operating conditions, designed for high efficiency and low emissions. The concentration necessary for downstream process steps such as granulation  or prilling  is achieved through further concentration of the solution by steam heating under vacuum pressure. Uhde can provide either a thermosiphon evaporation or a falling film evaporation.

The Uhde® AN vacuum neutralization process is known for its:

  • high reliability and high on-stream time

  • references between 200 and 2000 mtpd AN (100 wt.%)

  • excellent safety standards by process principle, design and control

  • low operating temperature avoiding any decomposition of AN and formation of AN aerosols

  • very low contamination of process condensate down to 10 ppmw nitrogen

  • low maintenance, low corrosion as a consequence of low temperatures

  • cost-effectiveness

Besides the vacuum neutralization Uhde can provide several pressure neutralization processes which utilize the generated vapors as heating medium for the AN concentration. This significantly reduces the OPEX but increases the CAPEX.

Last but not least we can offer the Uhde® offgas neutralization process which utilizes ammonia rich offgas coming from a Urea synthesis plant at low operating pressure in a natural draft circulation loop. This technology is used to produce UAN (Urea Ammonium Nitrate).

All above processes are referenced and well proven.

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Uhde® vacuum neutralisation plant

Enaex S.A., Mejillones, Chile

Capacity: 1,060 t/day