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Shiploader – Automation Solution

The thyssenkrupp shiploader full automation solution consists of 5 main features that can and should be implemented stepwise.

The anti-collision module protects the machine from collisions with objects in predefined areas, especially the edges of the ships hatch. The objective is to assist operators and to reduce the risk of costly accidents that may cause major downtimes. A collision avoidance system is also a prerequisite for a save operation of a fully automatic machine.

The Collision Avoidance System (CAS) can be divided in 3 main subsystems:

  • For the chute, preventing collisions while operating in the hatch

  • For the main boom on the sides and below the boom, preventing collisions with structures on the ship

  • For the machine parallel to the rail, preventing collisions with other machines on the same rail

Our digitalized expertise approach

We incorporate the knowledge of our very best engineers and process experts into our automation & data analytics algorithms. To achieve that, thyssenkrupp has built up a dedicated data science and automation team which uses state of the art technology for raising the bar in digitalizing mining & material handling machines.

This enables our customers to run their machines at the optimal productivity rates and under highest safety standards.

Automation and digitalization of stockyards

Digital: Data Analytics Ready

Automation and digitalization of stockyards.

Collision Risk Reduction

Lowering Operational Costs

Lowering Operational Costs

Performance Increase

Performance Increase

Benefits of thyssenkrupp's Automation & Digitalization solutions

All of our automation and data analytics systems are designed in a modular way, so that existing machines can be upgraded. To make sure our systems are compatible to existing equipment our experienced service team offers automation ready checks prior to every automation project. Depending on the age of the equipment some of the hardware like actuators or machine controls need to be upgraded.