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Rail Car Dumpers

Optimize your unloading process with a thyssenkrupp car dumper/wagon tippler

Whatever your car dumper requirements, thyssenkrupp has the right solution to enhance the efficiency of your bulk handling operations.

Rail car dumper types
There are two main types of wagon tipplers/car dumpers, namely rotary car dumpers and the side discharge tippler. we provide car dumpers according to our customers’ needs.
Rail car positioner
To move the wagons into and out of the car dumper platform, a rail car positioner (aka side-arm charger) can be installed alongside the rail track.
Rail car dumper's accessories
Find out about the standard and optional accessories for rail car dumper that we deliver.

Since wagon-unloading stations are part of the core equipment of a material handling plant, we pay special attention to delivering the most redundant design possible.

3D animation video of rotary car dumper/wagon tippler

3D animation video of rotary car dumper tk-play

How you benefit from our car dumpers/wagon tipplers

Benefits of thyssenkrupp's car dumpers
  • Economical handling of large quantities of bulk materials
  • Enhanced efficiency through improved performance per hour
  • Safe operation during a large number of cycles
  • Solutions adapted to all kinds of open box wagons

Wagon unloading stations – reliable system solutions

Wagon unloading stations I thyssenkrupp

Wagon unloading stations are designed for unloading bulk material from railway wagons (aka railcars). At thyssenkrupp we can supply you with complete wagon unloading stations ranging from single to quadruple dumpers, and including all necessary additional equipment, such as positioners (aka indexers, side arm chargers), hopper (aka bins), hopper discharge feeders, milling machines, wheel clamps, and transfer platforms for the emptied wagons. If you choose the dumper’s highest available extension stage, wagon unloading will take place fully automatically. Moreover, all our systems are tailor-made to our customers’ requirements.

That way, you can avoid downtime in material handling, even if minor components are defective. We analyze the steel structures using finite element methods and reinforce them through appropriate measures in the most highly stressed areas in order to make our dumpers as durable and reliable as possible.

Main markets and commodities of car dumper/wagon tippler

car dumper's markets and commodities
  • Coal
  • Mining ore
  • Phosphate
  • Bauxite
  • Gypsum / fertilizer
  • Iron / steel scrap

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