Primary Crushing Mining

thyssenkrupp eccentric roll crusher - the smartest tool for crushing hard rock

The new eccentric roll crusher (ERC) revolutionizes primary crushing

Our expertise in mining equipment and industrial machinery has led us to develop an innovative and unique hard rock crusher, the ERC eccentric roll crusher. Its low-wear design and durable components enhance efficiency in mining operations.

Extensive tests carried out under industrial conditions with the first ERC defined the most important process and machine parameters: throughput, power consumption and product benefits.

Thanks to its particularly flat and robust design and high throughputs of up to 3000 mt/h, the ERC is suitable for operation in both underground mines and in the mobile or semi-mobile crushing plants of above-ground applications.

We expect the ERC to increase reliability and that we will have at least the next 30 years, a machine we can rely on and where we do not have to replace many wear parts and that we so don´t have any unplanned downtimes.

Dr. Jürgen Aretz, Mitteldeutsche Hartstein-Industrie AG
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Eccentric Roll Crusher

Our new eccentric roll crusher is characterized by a particularly compact and robust design.The unique combination of primary screen and crusher in one machine allows high throughputs of up to 8,000 tons per hour with reduced energy consumption.

Torsten Gerlach, CEO Business Unit Mining Technologies, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions
Eccentric Roll Crusher tk-play

Interview Frank Drescher about the functionality of the ERC


  • Primary crushing
  • Stationary, mobile and semi-mobile applications
  • Hard rock and ores
  • Below and above ground


Ores and hard rocks are extracted in underground mining operations that place particular demands on the on-site processing technology, especially in terms of compactness, mobility and maintenance-friendliness. That is why some mine operators are now looking for alternative mining methods. But these alternative methods require new processing machines. Above all, machines for the first in-mine crushing stage need to fulfill special requirements resulting from the specificity of these mining methods. The working faces and processing sites are relocated relatively often. In order to minimize costs, the underground plant sites (aka caverns) are kept as small as possible. Each additional meter in the height of such a cavern entails high investment costs so the comparatively large height of conventional hard rock crushers is disadvantageous. This resulted in four important requirements for the new crusher: a flat, compact design, transportability, easy underground maintenance, and the ability to process hard rock with a feed size of up to 2,000 x 1,500 x 1,000 mm.

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In ore processing the strength and quartz content of the rock are mostly high, which places high demands on the machine in terms of wear resistance and easy interchangeability of the crushing elements. Moreover, as the crusher may well be overloaded due to foreign bodies or other causes during the mining process, a suitable overload protection has to be installed.

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The patented design of the ERC25-25 eccentric roll crusher featuring a roll mounted eccentrically between the crushing chamber and the integrated screening chamber results in greater efficiency and productivity, which allows mining operations to be optimized, better integrated and automated. The ERC25-25 was tested in the crushing of andesite, a material with strengths of up to 200 MPa that are similar to many copper and iron ores. The high throughput of up to 3,000 mt/h achieved in these tests makes it ideal for effective primary crushing of hard rock and ores in any mining industry.


  • Compact, robust design (20-50% height reduction vs. conventional primary crushers)
  • Integrated screening chamber for greater productivity and efficiency
  • High throughputs of up to 3,000 metric tons per hour demonstrated in tests
  • High crushing intensity
  • Economical operating costs thanks to low-wear design and durable components
  • Vibration-optimized for smooth running
  • Integrated automatic gap adjustment and overload protection system

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