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ERC® – a new generation of mining equipment

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Key advantages of the ERC®

With its numerous advantages over conventional crushers the eccentric roll crusher (ERC®) opens up many new fields of application and solves several problems that often occur in the first crushing stage. The most important advantages are:

  • Compact construction: The specially designed crushing geometry with an integrated screen results in a particularly low construction height of the crusher – 20-50% lower than other primary crushers. The height can be additionally reduced for transport or maintenance purposes by dismounting the hood.
  • High throughput: The kinematics of the crusher with its large, constant stroke enables particularly high comminution intensity and high throughput rates, which are also increased by the integrated screen. Throughputs of up to 8,000 tons per hour can be achieved.
  • High machine efficiency: The integrated screen increases the efficiency of the machine as fine material is discharged directly and not passed through the crushing chamber. This reduces the power consumption as well as the risk of material compaction and overloading the machine. It also minimizes wear on the crushing elements.
  • Integrated automatic gap adjustment with overload protection: As part of the crushing chamber, the adjustable swing jaw enables the gap to be specifically adapted to suit a required product. The adjustment range of up to 200 mm is sufficient for adjustment of the gap to offset wear on the crushing elements. An overload protection function is also integrated into the gap adjustment. A special hydraulic cylinder controls the pressure and thus the load in the crushing chamber. When the acceptable load is exceeded, e.g. by non-crushable foreign bodies, the valve opens and the gap is increased. This protects the crusher against overload damage.
  • Balanced crusher with very low unbalance during no-load operation: The symmetrical arrangement of the roll makes it easy to balance the eccentrically moving crushing element. This reduces the residual unbalance forces, machine vibrations in no-load operation, and the load on the surrounding structure. The ERC® is thus very suitable for use in mobile crushing plants.
  • Reduction of energy peaks: The machine is equipped with large gyrating masses, the flywheel and the V-belt pulley. Their great inertia reduces the energy peaks occurring in the comminution process.
  • Higher service life of wear elements on the roll: The back turning of the roll occurring during the crushing process distributes the loads over the entire circumference. This prevents local wear zones and results in uniform wear. Moreover, the wear volume of the crushing segments on the roll is more than twice that of large jaw crushers due to the large circumference of the roll.
  • Impact resistance: : When fed into the crushing chamber, large chunks of feed material do not fall directly onto the mounted working element, but hit the hood, which is significantly more resistant to such loads than other components. That is a key advantage over many conventional crushers.
  • Fewer elongated material particles: The curved shape of the crusher ensures elongated rock fragments do fall directly into the crusher outlet. Their length is reduced through additional stressing or crushing.

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