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More compact, more energy efficient, more powerful – the ERC® operation principle

The ERC®

Eccentric Roll Crusher tk-play

Eccentric Roll Crusher

Compact, reliable and powerful: With the ERC® we presented a new primary crusher featuring a particularly flat and robust design with 20-50% less height than conventional primary crushers. It is suitable for mining operations below ground and on the surface, as the centerpiece of a mobile or semi-mobile system.

The idea behind the new construction concept was to build a crusher with an integrated screen as a compact machine. The machine has a crushing and a screening chamber, with an eccentrically mounted roll arranged between both chambers. The roll shell is freely rotatable. On the other side of the crushing chamber an adjustable crushing wall is installed.

The feed material is fed into a large inlet zone. The stream of material is divided into two partial streams. The first stream, the fine material, is screened off and passes into the screening chamber and then onto a discharge belt. The second stream, comprising coarse material, is transported into the crushing chamber and crushed between the eccentrically moving roll and the crushing wall. The crushed product is subsequently fed onto the same discharge belt as the fine material.

Due to the chosen kinematic design principle, the stroke is equal everywhere in the crushing chamber. This increases the comminution intensity of the crusher compared to other crusher types. One of the important advantages is also that the fine material is screened off and does not enter the crushing chamber. This reduces the power consumption of the electric motor, the load on the machine and the probability of material compaction. This significantly increases the efficiency of the machine.

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The Maintenance Assistance System is a software framework that can be configured to fit various types of machines for several applications like mining technologies, materials handling and mineral processing.

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