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velix®designed for the challenges of future ore processing.

Less energy – high reliability – less maintenance

The velix® is designed for the challenges of future ore processing. Challenges like increasing energy costs, lower ore grades and fine grained ores require an energy efficient solution with high capacity and an optimized comminution process. The velix® is developed to conquer all these challenges and offers an additional benefit by optimized wear lifetime, easy maintenance and simple operation.The velix® is jointly developed by thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions and Eirich.

Maintenance Free Grid Liner
Autogenous Grid Liner resulting in reduced wear and long operating life.

The autogenous grid liners make use of the grinding balls and the material inside the grids. Due to the kinetics it builds up several layers and is resulting in elimination of wear on the inside surface of the mill chamber.

Your Benefits
Less maintenance
Long operating life

Grinding Screw
The new Screw design accounts in reduced maintenance costs and long operating life.

thyssenkrupp developed a new tip-liner concept. The horizontal part of the tip liner does extend the wearing in a way which has no process technical effect and increase the operating life.

Your Benefits
Reduced maintenance costs
Less maintenance stops

Segmented Mill Housing
Easy and safe handling during the assembly.

Segmented mill housing is the solution to simplify the transportation to the mine. It helps to keep the assembly safe and easy and reduces the transportation costs.

Your Benefits
Reduced transport costs
Low assembly costs
Less costs for cranes

Screw Shaft Design
FEA optimized screw shaft design resulting in less weight and less CAPEX

The FEA enabled the possibility to analyze and optimize each individual component during the development of VELIX® and results in a vertical stirred media mill for the highest requirements.

Your Benefits
Less CAPEX costs
Operating failures risk reduction

Drive System
Various soft start systems for better start up procedure available.

In the standard design the VELIX® VX is equipped with a fixed speed motor. For a better startup procedure we are able to offer various soft start solutions.

Your Benefits
Machine Protection by reduce starting torque
No frozen charge due to creep speed operation
Less maintenance costs

Our Features – Your Benefits

Maintenance Free Grid Liner

  • Autogenous Grid Liner results in reduced wear and long operating life

Grinding Screw

  • Optimized tip speed maximizes operating life and minimizes maintenance costs
  • The new, reinforced “Tip Liner” Design provides lower maintenance costs by reducing wear and increasing operating life
  • Screw liner exchange is completed in few simple steps, utilizing proven disassembly concept

Segmented Mill Housing

  • Simplified housing transportation to site
  • Easy and safe handling during installation
  • Less crane capacity required

Screw shaft design

  • FEM optimized screw shaft design results in less weight and lowers CAPEX

Drive System

  • Fixed Speed Motor
  • Various soft start systems for better start up procedure available (optional)


  • Smaller footprint results in less foundation works

Energy comparison between velix® and ball mills

  • Up to 50% less energy consumption
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