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Hot metal desulphurisation in torpedo ladles and transfer ladles

Our hot metal desulphurisation plants are in operation worldwide. More than 75 thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions plants are desulphurising hot metal in torpedo and transfer ladles with capacities of 35 to 350 tonnes.

Our injection systems can be used for all commercially standard desulphurisation reagents, such as lime, calcium carbide and magnesium, using the mono-, co- or multi-injection process.

For capacity- and cost-optimised desulphurisation, we have developed the innovative MEPOL injection system, which, in addition to high dosing precision, also reliably carries out targeted modification of the desulphurisation reagent injection rates and the conveying gas flow rates during active hot metal treatment.

The process-technological know-how required for the dynamic mode of operation is supplied by our metallurgical process computer whose program includes the process know-how developed during commissioning of more than 70 injection plants.

Hot metal desulphurisation takes place in this plant by means of the multi-injection process.
Preassembly in the workshop: arrangement of dispensers for the multi-injection process.
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