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Injection systems for steel treatment

Injection systems are an integral part of secondary-metallurgical steel treatment in the ladle furnace and, of late, also in the RH plant. When it comes to eliminating undesirable accompanying elements in the steel at the lowest operating costs, the injection of powdery reagents is an effective process:

By injecting CaO, CaC2 or CaSi in the ladle furnace or by top blowing of CaO and flux in the RH degasser, it is possible, for example, to reliably set the sulphur content of the steel to figures as low as < 10 (!) ppm. For our customers, we have implemented more than 20 injection systems worldwide, with individual, optimally application-tailored plant and process concepts for the desulphurisation, dephosphorisation, carburisation and alloying of steel.

Our injection systems score points thanks to their reliability, flexibility and low maintenance requirement when it comes to injecting carbon, lime, fluorspar, CaSi and calcium carbide.

Pneumatic injection conveyor for the injection of reagents.

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