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Custom pyroprocessing solutions

Custom pyroprocessing solutions

We systematically consolidate process and plant know-how to create innovative concepts for the thermal processing of a very broad range of materials, offering optimum customised solutions, including drying, preheating, calcining, reduction, burning, sintering, cooling and pelletising systems.

We supply pyroprocessing systems for ...

  • the burning of lime
  • the pre-reduction of nickel and manganese ores
  • the direct reduction of direct reduction and chrome ores
  • the treatment of mineral secondary raw materials, intermediate products and residues
  • the calcination of aluminium, bauxite, magnesite (CCM), dolomite, titanium oxide, chrome ore, soda, phosphate, limestone, etc.
  • the sintering of magnesite (DBM) and dolomite
  • the production of expanded clay and flooring plaster
  • the concentration of phosphates
  • the extraction of oil from oil shale
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