Coolers: Cool solutions for processing and transportation

In many plants, cooling is required before further processing or transportation of a thermally treated product. With our flash cooler and rotary cooler, two members of the thyssenkrupp cooler family, we have proven and powerful products offering cool solutions for widely different applications.

Operational benefits

The cooling systems are especially developed and built to suit the requirements of your process. The convincing features of our systems are their reliability, long service life, and low energy consumption. Both these coolers feature the thyssenkrupp technology that feeds back the waste heat recovered during the cooling procedure into the upstream process in order to minimize the overall energy requirement. High throughput rates, easy handling, and low maintenance are operational benefits that speak for our flash cooler and rotary cooler.

In combination with their customer-specific design and efficiency-maximizing layout, these cooling systems are a future-proof solution. That they are being successfully deployed in the pyroprocessing industry worldwide is an additional proof point.