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Dryers - A powerful dryer portfolio for diverse applications

The proven and powerful dryers – rotary dryers, flash dryers and shaft dryers – are fast, gentle and flexible machines offering efficient solutions for a wide range of applications.

We offer you a broad spectrum of effective systems for drying mineral raw materials via direct or indirect processes. In direct processing the gas is mixed with the material to be processed in order to obtain the desired drying material.

Rotary dryer

Reliable machines for high throughputs and ideal for drying and especially for opening up difficult materials and, optionally, for preheating. Drum dryers are available in two versions, the well-known rotary dryer is always customized to a client’s requirements, and the new rotary dryer small series is based on standard machines.

Flash dryer

Designed for fast and gentle drying of fine-grained materials, these flash dryers are characterized by excellent mixing and favourable flow qualities to ensure very high drying speeds.

Shaft dryer

Operating in counterflow, this dryer reduces the moisture content of pellets and briquettes to a level that is suitable for the furnace feed. This dryer’s unique design enables efficient heat exchange and produces only a small amount of fines, thus increasing the plant’s overall efficiency.

All dryer systems enable high throughputs, easy handling, low maintenance, as well as energy- and cost-optimized operations. With their customer-specific design and efficency-maximizing layout, our dryers are genuine future-proof solutions.

Boost your efficiency with our Maintenance Assistance System (MAS)

The Maintenance Assistance System is a software framework that can be configured to fit various types of machines for several applications like mining technologies, materials handling and mineral processing.

Find out more about our Maintenance Assistance System (MAS)