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Shaft-type flash dryer

The flash dryer:
Proven design. High flexibility. Low maintenance.

The flash dryer offers an efficient method for removing surface moisture from the product to be processed. Designed for rapid and gentle drying of fine-grained materials, its possible applications include phosphate, lime, clay, ores, fly ash, slag, and other fine-grained materials.

How you benefit

Excellent mixing of the material and good flow conditions ensure very high drying speeds so that even extremely moist materials can often be dried in just a few seconds. This is very important, for example, in the case of temperature-sensitive materials. The short material retention time makes the system very flexible because it can be adapted quickly and easily to variations in the properties of the material, e.g. feed moisture content. The dryer can be combined with a hammer mill and a separator to achieve the desired product grain size range. Additional advantages are its low energy and space requirements, versatile application possibilities, and low maintenance and repair needs. What’s more, it is easy to operate by site personnel.

How it works

The material is fed into the riser duct of the dryer, through which hot drying gases from a combustion chamber or exhaust gases from other thermal processes flow from the bottom to the top. The special design ensures that gas and material are intensively mixed. The dried product is typically captured and discharged from the drying process by a high-efficiency cyclone.

Thanks to multiple innovative processes and design details this flash dryer is a breakthrough in both mechanics and process technology terms.


Shaft-type flash dryer in a lime production plant in Australia

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