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Shaft Dryer

Proven design – top heat efficiency – low maintenance

The Shaft Dryer developed in close cooperation between thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions and the refractory industry enables gentle drying of pellets and briquettes.

The Shaft Dryer operating by the counter-flow principle was specially developed by thyssenkrupp to reduce the moisture content of pellets or briquettes to a level (<0.5%) acceptable for furnace charging. Its unique design allows efficient heat exchange and generates only a small amount of fine dust, which improves the overall efficiency of the plant.

Thanks to the controlled combustion chamber furnace the hot gas generated allows the plant to operate very quietly, even when process exhaust gases are used. The application possibilities lie in the drying of material pellets such as aluminum oxide or spinel.

Preheated air (<300°C) reaches the upper and lower sections by means of a drying air fan. In the upper section the hot gas enters the chamber and flows through a bundle of pipes from top to bottom. In the lower section a cross construction and specific arrangement of gas entry and exit cones ensure distribution of the hot gas, which passes through the material in counter-flow. The drying air is heated to the required constant and controlled drying temperature by means of a hot gas generator. The dried material is then discharged through a cone into a tube, which empties into a vibrating feeder.

How you benefit from thyssenkrupp Shaft Dryer:

  • High thermal efficiency

  • Gentle treatment of feed material

  • Low maintenance and operating costs

  • Low wear

This combination of these benefits makes the Shaft Dryer from thyssenkrupp a fit-for-the-future solution to your needs.

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