Rotary dryer

The rotary dryer / drum dryer:
Proven design. Highest process flexibility. Low maintenance.

Rotary dryers are used in the minerals industry for drying wet materials. The rotary dryer comes in two different models: a standard and a customized one.

Both have a huge number of innovative process-related and construction details which make the dryer mechanically and technically a future-proof solution. Other key features include a controlled drying process with low fuel consumption, a robust design with high availability, and low maintenance costs.

Reliable drying solution

Our rotary dryers are reliable, low-maintenance machines for high throughputs and treating materials with different properties – even difficult materials. Each rotary dryer consists of an inclined rotating cylinder with internal lifter or blades where the process material is dried through direct contact with the hot gases.

Operational benefits

Whether as an individual system or in combination with other units, these rotary dryers are ideal for drying and preheating fine-grained and lumpy materials. They can be used for product-specific processing by switching between a counterflow through varying the temperature of the supplied hot gas.

This energy-efficient and cost-effective operation is achieved by utilising hot offgas, e.g. from a downstream kiln process. If required, the rotary dryer can be combined with a screen in the discharge device in order to split the product into different particle size fractions.

By offering innovative, tailored solutions all over the world, rotary dryers and entire drying plants offer convincing advantages.


Rotary dryer for nickel ore in Brazil