Rotary kiln, multiple hearth furnace, high temperature shaft kiln and ...

Kiln technology that makes all the difference

Robust and reliable designs, low resource requirements, high operational reliability, and low specific operating and investment costs are the outstanding benefits of our kiln technology brings.

With decades of experience in this field, we are one of the world's leading developer and supplier of high-temperature shaft furnaces, multiple hearth furnaces, rotary kilns and gas suspension kilns with calciner. Kilns are the core units of pyroprocessing systems. Our product and service portfolio not only includes the core equipment but also the upstream and downstream plant sections, the electrical equipment and instrumentation, and erection and commissioning work.

Innovative and reliable customized solutions

Our plant designs are based on the customer's requirements. With the help of material analyses, laboratory test procedures, computer simulations, and calculations, we individually and accurately configure the optimal furnace plant for each user.

Leading R&D

Our R&D Center is one of the world's leading technology development sites for the mineral, mining, refractory and chemical industries. It is also an indispensable factor for design safety. With laboratories for chemical, physical, geological and mineralogical investigations and departments for technical calculations, measurements, process and design development our R&D Center makes innovative developments possible – for the customer’s benefit. At pilot plants for small-format production lines for the different kiln types we carry out internal tests, test components, and investigate environmental impacts.

Today our furnaces represent the best available technology for thermal applications in the refractory industry. Innovative cutting-edge technologies trusted by customers all over the world.