MULIPOL multiple hearth furnace

Proven design. Utmost flexibility. Best product qualities

The MULTIPOL is the leading product in the multiple hearth furnace market, and in particular for the refractory materials industry. It is ideal for thermal processing of raw material with very small particle sizes as well as filter cake, and enables precise control of the temperature profile. This multiple hearth furnace is the best choice for practically all calcination processes where maximum product quality is demanded.

Customized designs

A customer's requirements lay the foundations for plant design. At thyssenkrupp we use material analyses, laboratory test procedures, computer simulations and calculations to configure user-optimized plants. Our Research and Development Center is your trustworthy partner for customized, innovative and reliable designs.

MULTIPOL consists of a steel shell with a refractory lining, refractory-lined hearths, a supporting structure, a furnace top platform, and a central shaft with the powertrain. The well-proven kiln design guarantees an exact setting of the retention time. Moreover, excellent heat transfer between material and gas phase is always guaranteed. Part of the cooling air serves as preheated combustion air for up to four burners per level, thus ensuring a high level of energy efficiency.

Key parameters

Depending on quality targets, calcination of refractory-relevant minerals takes place in a temperature range of 400-1,100°C. The MULTIPOL multiple hearth furnace is ideally suited to this application, especially in cases where very low or precisely defined losses on ignition, a particular specific surface, specified residual CO2 values, and high product reactivity are required. The daily output of a MULTIPOL system is up to 300 metric tons. The size of the feed material ranges from 0 to 40 mm. The system is ready for operation with a feed moisture of up to 50%.

Decisive benefits

Great flexibility, precise control of the temperature profile (± 5°C) for highest product qualities, the ability to process very small grain sizes, high availability, and low maintenance costs make MULTIPOL the future-proof solution. If you want the highest product quality demands met, the ultra-efficient MULTIPOL multiple hearth furnace is the best choice for all calcining processes.


MULTIPOL multiple hearth furnace

MULTIPOL mu´ltiple hearth furnace