POLSINT high temperature shaft kiln

Proven design – highest temperatures – best product qualities

The POLSINT high-temperature shaft kiln was developed in close cooperation with the refractory industry to thermally treat and sinter various materials at extreme temperatures of up to 2,300 °C. The furnace is designed for the production of a wide range of materials. Thanks to its high flexibility POLSINT meets this industry’s complex and very specific requirements for product quality and a wide range of raw materials. Nowadays, thyssenkrupp is the market leader in sintering technology for refractory production applications.

The POLSINT high-temperature kiln is fed with the lumpy feed material (crushed, briquetted or pelletized).

The material is preheated by the combustion gases in a counter flow before it reaches the firing zone. In the firing zone itself the material is sintered at high temperatures. The fuel is injected by radial arranged burner lances that penetrate the material bed in order to ensure an optimal temperature distribution. A variable-speed discharge mechanism controls the quantity of product discharged from the kiln. The high-temperature shaft kiln from thyssenkrupp thus offers a high degree of flexibility with regard to the required temperature profile of the feed material.

How you benefit from POLSINT:

  • Great flexibility in setting certain temperature ranges and profiles
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Maximum availability at low maintenance costs

Numerous innovative process and design details make the POLSINT high-temperature shaft kiln a fit-for-the-future solution to your needs.


POLSINT high-temperature shaft kiln