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Preheaters – key components of modern kiln lines

Our preheater concepts are suitable for a wide range of production capacities and represent the ideal solution for both new plant investments and plant conversions.

Nowadays, what is demand of rotary kiln processes is that they offer high production capacities combined with low operating and capital costs. That is why preheaters are key components of modern kiln lines. Depending on the material particle size range, multistage cyclone preheaters or shaft preheaters are used.

Efficient cost-savers

The key characteristics of cyclone preheaters are minimum energy consumption thanks to high heat recovery and low pressure losses; high efficiency thanks to efficient high cyclone separation and uniform material distribution over the gas line cross-section; and high availability thanks to their provably reliable design and construction. Our POLCAL gas suspension calciner can also be used as a preheater, which significantly increases the efficiency of the kiln system and minimizes costs by reducing the kiln’s fuel energy consumption and making more intensive use of the furnace, i.e. enabling higher output.

The preheaters can be fine-tuned to a wide diversity of production capacities and are suitable for both new investments and plant conversions.

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