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POLCAL - gas suspension preheater with calciner

The POLCAL system was specially developed for the short-time processing of fine-grained materials.

Materials with particle sizes of 0 to 2 mm are processed by the gas suspension method.

The POLCAL not only performs the preheating, but also the calcining - without requiring an additional unit, such as a rotary kiln. It can be used in combination with a shaft-type flash dryer to process moist materials energy-efficiently.

One or more cyclone stages can additionally be used for the subsequent cooling. The thermal energy transferred to the air as the material cools down can be reused in the process - a further bonus for the energy balance.

Natural gas, oil, coal and calorific offgases are ideally suited for use as fuels.

Phosphate ore calcining plant

Phosphate ore calcining plant:

The ore is first comminuted in a hammer mill with shaft-type flash dryer and the dried product is then calcined in a POLCAL gas suspension thermal reactor.

Cooling takes place in a multistage flash cooler.

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