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Mining Systems

Bucket wheel excavators

Wherever huge amounts of overburden and earth have to be extracted and moved efficiently and cost-effectively in order to get at deeper raw material layers large bucket wheel excavators are used. In lignite mining they achieve capacities of up to 240,000 m³ (bank) per day, digging heights of as much as 100 m and service weights of 13,500 tons.

Depending on the mine plan, thyssenkrupp bucket wheel excavators are supplied with a connecting conveyor bridge and loading unit or as a single unit with discharge boom.

For lower volumes or specialized jobs thyssenkrupp offers compact bucket wheel excavators. Typical features of all compact bucket wheel excavators are their two-crawler travel mechanism, a so-called C frame construction and a counterweight below the discharge boom.


Bagger 288 - One of the largest bucket wheel excavators in the world. Commissioned in 1978 an still in operation in a German lignite open pit mine.

Total height: approx. 96 m

Total length: approx. 240 m

Bucket wheel diameter: 21.60 m

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Bucket wheel excavator system in the Serbian Tamnava open pit mine, consisting of excavator, connecting bridge and loading unit.

Capacity: 6,600 m³ per hour


C-frame-type compact bucket wheel excavator in the Chinese Zhungeer open pit mine.

Capacity: 3,100 m³ per hour

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